An e-commerce system can be used to sell goods on the internet or simply to offer your customers an alternate method of payment for your goods or services.

E-Commece systems can be integrated into any of our developments using certificates incorporating industry leading encryption technologies. If you already have a website and would like to add an e-commerce system as part of your site's features, we can build a system that integrates into your existing site's framework, with no impact on the site's operations, performance or design.

A Shopping Cart is the standard device for collecting purchases/payments and sending them to a processing resource or service. There are options for you to choose from when deploying an e-commerce system for your website.

Shopping Carts can be generic systems that work as a separate entity to your site or they can be generic systems integrated into your site. Some systems that integrate into your site also allow for a more adaptable design.

Another option is to have a custom Shopping Cart system that integrates perfectly into your site's design. Vibrant can build an individually designed system that makes it easy for customers to make transactions on your website.

Alternatives to traditional e-commerce payment acceptance methods are now in use by many and any one of these, such as PayPal, can be used as your e-commerce payment provider if you wish or if the alternative is a better option for you.

Client Examples

All U Want Building Supplies

The site was designed by Vibrant, with custom elements throughout.
technologies:xhtml, php, jquery, custom javascript, custom error pages, w3c verified

Secure Document Destruction

The site was designed by Vibrant, with custom elements throughout. SDD's first site was also by Vibrant.
technologies:html5, php, jquery, custom javascript