Graphics Depot

Graphic design is as big a part of the web as it is a part of print media and other traditional formats.

For the Web

A full range of graphic design services, from freehand drawings to 3D animations.

If you require promotional banners for your website, we can create eye-catching and interactive banners which promote your business appropriately.


At Vibrant, we a very well experienced at producing graphics for traditional media formats, such as print.

This gives you the opportunity to have all your design needs supplied by Vibrant, thereby streamlining the process of co-ordinating your web and print media operations. Also, uniformity is ensured throughout all your design considerations.

All designs are professionally rendered in industry standard formats, allowing for use in different media situations.

Audio / Video

We also prepare audio and video for use in internet-based applications, such as streaming video and animations.

To ensure that audio and video content for the internet be of the best quality possible whilst keeping degredation of performance and/or quality at a minimum, the media must be compressed to a suitable format.

At Vibrant, we take all matters into consideration, testing various codecs and producing the best quality conversion to suit the application.

Animation & Graphics

  graphic design
  catalogue design
  digital illustration

images for print or web; freehand digital drawings; character design & development; engaging & interactive animations.

If you would like to have a concept developed, or you may have an existing graphic you would like animated, please contact us to explore what we can do for you.