Website Design

At Vibrant, we design websites that are contemporary and which reflect current design influences across the mediums, in our own style. We add colour and vibrancy to the world wide web landscape.

A well-designed, 'good-looking' website will help you stand out from the crowd, and what a big crowd the web is now!

The internet is fast becoming the first place people look to in order to research products, contact sellers and buy goods.

As such, it is important that your website design is search engine-friendly.

Vibrant optimise each website with coding procedures and techniques that make your site readable by search engines and allow your website's pages to be accessed easily.

Flash websites & Animations - Animated websites can be eye-catching and engaging and great for promotions. You can have a website completely developed in Flash, featuring visual and audio effects to capture and entertain your audience - our Graphics Depot can develop an individual concept. If you require a more toned-down website, Flash animations can be used to liven-up the visual appearance and present useful information.

If you require e-commerce functionality on your website, we can develop a system that suits your requirements and budget.

Customised web development, such as shopping carts and forums that are designed in line with your site and fit seemlessly within it's structure bring a degree of professionalism to the product we develop for you, and ultimately to your website as it is presented to your existing and potential customers.

Website Re-Design

Vibrant can give your existing website a makeover which brings it up to current design trends.

This is a cost-effective way of getting a new website whereby we update the graphical side of the site, not the functionality or the structure.

Client Examples

All U Want Building Supplies

The site was designed by Vibrant, with custom elements throughout.
technologies:xhtml, php, jquery, custom javascript, custom error pages, w3c verified

Secure Document Destruction

The site was designed by Vibrant, with custom elements throughout. SDD's first site was also by Vibrant.
technologies:html5, php, jquery, custom javascript